for OGMRip

I. OGMRip Core Reference
Version information — Variables and functions to check the OGMRip and MPlayer versions
Enumerations — Public enumerated types used throughout OGMRip
Plugins System — Functions for manipulating the plugins
Edit Decision List — Functions for manipulating EDL
Filesystem — Functions for handling files, directories, links and fifos
Files — Structures to manipulate media files
Mplayer — Common wrapper functions for mplayer and mencoder
II. OGMRip Objects
OGMRipEncoding — An all-in-one component to encode DVD titles
OGMRipEncodingManager — An encoding manager
OGMRipOptions — Structures to manipulate audio and subtitles options
Abstract Base Classes
OGMRipCodec — Base class for codecs
OGMRipVideoCodec — Base class for video codecs
OGMRipAudioCodec — Base class for audio codecs
OGMRipSubpCodec — Base class for subtitles codecs
OGMRipContainer — Base class for containers
OGMRipLavc — Base class for lavc video codecs
Settings Managers
Settings — Common interface for settings managers
KeyFile Settings — Settings manager using key files
OGMRipChapters — A codec to extract chapters information
OGMRipDvdcpy — A codec to copy a DVD title
OGMRipPlayer — Simple video player